Why Fervor

Fervor helps leaders, teams and entrepreneurs with high ambitions and aspirations step bravely in new directions – paths founded on purpose, meaning and impact.


Whether your journey is a steady evolution or a dramatic change, you will move forward with clarity and confidence to claim your unique vision for the future.

Through a trusting, thought-provoking and candid approach, Fervor helps you propel forward by:

  • Turning a lens of discovery on yourself and the world around you, uncovering your true, authentic nature
  • Challenging your current beliefs and behaviors that may be getting in your way
  • Empowering new creative ideas, possibilities and solutions with you
  • Enabling you to devise clear actions and commitments to follow
  • Sharing direct feedback, deep care, and insight along the way

Who Works with Fervor

Fervor partners with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams that are committed to uncovering and stepping bravely into purpose-driven, advanced futures.


You may have a vision but are unsure of how to get there. Or you are confronting essential change or find yourself stuck at a crossroads. In every case, you are committed to the vulnerability, learning and accountability that come with coaching.

Fervor clients include:

  • Leaders from private, public and not-for-profit sectors, from the executive-level through to budding prospects.
  • Entrepreneurs at various stages of their trajectories – from an idea to start-up, to scaling and succession.
  • Individuals outside of the corporate environment who are on a quest for change or navigating transition in their lives.

Fervor clients share common traits – they crave authenticity in their lives and work and understand that growth and change are crucial to deeper fulfillment and success.

Fervor also serves:

  • Teams who desire clearer understanding of one another, the team dynamics, collective purpose and connection with stakeholders inside and out. Building trust and focus through coaching can in turn boost morale and the overall performance of the team.

Success with teams hinges on commitment to the work, to one another, and then on the follow-through with learned practices and collective goals.

Located in beautiful Victoria, B.C., Canada, Fervor works with clients in Canada, the U.S. and beyond. Whether working together at your preferred location, or virtually via confidential channels, our collaboration will produce results.

Eva Van Krugel, Founder and ACC, CEC

Who You Work With

Eva Van Krugel, Leadership, Business & Team Coach, ACC, CEC

A former leader within organizations, Eva is known for connecting on a deeper level with people to unearth new insight and what’s possible, so they can step bravely into healthier, purposeful and impactful futures as leaders, teams and businesses.

As an Associate Certified Coach, Certified Executive Coach and Certified Systemic Team Coach, Eva is also a Certified EQ-i 2.0 practitioner, Dare to Lead™ Trained, a facilitator, strategic consultant and member of the International Coaching Federation.

Eva brings unusual perspective to coaching and consulting, having worked as a senior strategy and marketing leader in the UK and Canada for over 20 years. This means she has been in the shoes of her clients at various stages of leadership navigating complexity and ongoing change successfully. Today, Eva has trained her focus and business experience on what she loves to do most; inspiring growth and change in people and teams as a coach.

She is known for her positive impact on clients desiring purpose-driven advancement to attain their bold visions for the future. She is candid, strategic, creative and deeply caring in her approach. And, she is committed to helping clients to live their most authentic and fulfilling futures.

With her extensive business experience, Eva has lived the realities her coaching clients face. She is well familiar with navigating the complex dynamics of organizations at the executive level and in entrepreneurial spaces. She understands the grit, collaboration and devotion it takes to deliver results. With a clear focus on people, purpose and systems, Eva also knows what it takes to lead healthier, impactful teams and businesses, having achieved 100% Engagement in her last executive role.


Her clients have spanned global, national and provincial organizations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. She has brought creativity and passion to complex, large-scale initiatives, and has been recognized in the marketing industry for delivering results.

Throughout her career, Eva has led collaborative ideation sessions producing clear and rewarding outcomes. Eva uses creative problem solving and participatory methods in facilitation and in tackling unique challenges. She has also run a myriad of workshops and presentations generating positive engagement with her clients.

Eva is also fiercely devoted to supporting cultural diversity in volunteer and professional capacities, particularly women, multicultural and LGBTQ2+ communities.


Sometimes assignments require very niche, specialized skills. Or, that more hands on deck are needed to deliver the work. Fervor is proud to be able to tap into a loyal, knowledgeable, highly credible coaching community with wide-ranging credentials. Name the challenge, Fervor will deliver the team to meet it, or refer you to the right talent.

Fervor’s Ethical Practice Statement

Fervor abides by the ICF Code of Ethics in coaching practices and overall conduct. A strong moral and ethical code guides Fervor, influenced by principles of integrity, honesty and respect, establishing trust in connections with others.


Fervor practices the best-known discretion to never enter conflicts of interest in coaching clients, in communities of practice and in day-to-day life. In instances when anyone connected with Fervor is unsure, we seek guidance from the ICF and coaching community.

Prior to proceeding with a coaching relationship, Fervor requires a mutually agreed upon and signed contract with clear terms of engagement with every client (and sponsor as applicable) to set expectations and garner alignment proactively. With the utmost confidentiality in mind, Fervor maintains such a commitment on behalf of clients both during and after contracts, provided they are not at risk of harming themselves or others.

Clear on the distinction between coaching, mentoring and therapy, Fervor practices in alignment with credentials and competencies in the coaching realm. It will be identified when mentoring or therapy might be more appropriate and offer referrals for support in those spaces. Dedicated to optimal service, relevance and meaning for clients through the coaching practice, Fervor is eternally committed to practicing learning and growth to deepen and advance skills and the overall offering.