You want to do something great in the world, I want to help you get there. But first, let’s get to know each other better.

Eva Van Krugel, Founder and ACC, CEC

Who You Work With

Eva Van Krugel, PCC, TICC, CPQC, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

I’m a Professional Certified Coach, Trauma Informed Certified Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and Certified Systemic Team Coach, and Four Stages of Psychological Safety Certified Trainer and Coach. I’m an accredited practitioner in EQ-i 2.0Harrison Work Preferences InventoryConflict Dynamics ProfilingTypeCoach Adaptive Communications Systems, and Dare to Lead™ trained. I’m an active member of the International Coaching Federation. I’m also just a fellow human who wants to help other humans do the great things they want to do in this life.

I have taken a different road to coaching which I believe gives me a fresh take on it. In a past life, I was an executive strategist and marketer in the UK and Canada for about 20 years. Today, I’ve refocused on inspiring growth and fulfillment in people – individuals or teams who want to have a positive impact in their company, their sector, or indeed the world at large.

With my business background, you could say I’ve walked the walk. I’m well familiar with the complex dynamics within organizations at every level, navigating ongoing change and the challenges that can result. I also understand the grit and devotion required to be a leader, navigating a way forward, delivering results while contributing to significantly healthier human systems.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, my clients are dotted around Canada, the U.S. and beyond. Whether working together virtually or at your preferred location, I’m very much looking forward to the journey.

Why Fervor?

You have goals in mind, and I’m here to help you achieve them. Along the way, the work we do together will do some pretty cool things:

  • It will turn a lens of discovery on yourself and the world around you uncovering your true authentic gifts and talents
  • You will identify and challenge your current beliefs and behaviors that may be getting in your way
  • It will empower new creative ideas, possibilities, and solutions – the tools needed for your mission
  • You will elevate your thinking, your skillset and energy awareness for your future success
  • I will share candid feedback, deep care, and my insights with you, every step of the way

Who Works with Fervor

I work with individuals and teams committed to making positive change. Often, people come to me when they are encountering new challenges, or ‘firsts’ as I call them – pivot points that also represent great opportunity. I equip my clients with the tools to navigate a way forward with clarity and purpose, to have an impact, and to gain a deep sense of fulfillment.

My clients come from global, national, and provincial organizations, large businesses, start-ups, and not-for-profits.  Often, they are facing a first of some kind – a new promotion, a merger, a shift in the market. I have helped bring a new understanding to complex initiatives, created healthy, cohesive team dynamics, and implemented practices to tackle their ‘firsts’.

You should also know I’m fiercely devoted to supporting diversity in volunteer and professional capacities, particularly women, multicultural and LGBTQIA2S+ communities.


Sometimes assignments require niche, specialized skills, or, that more hands be on deck. I am proud to be able to tap into a loyal, highly credible coaching and facilitator community with wide-ranging credentials. Name the challenge, I will deliver the team to meet it, or refer you to the right talent.

Fervor’s Ethical Practice Statement

Fervor abides by the ICF Code of Ethics in coaching practices and overall conduct. A strong moral and ethical code guides Fervor, influenced by principles of integrity, honesty and respect, establishing trust in connections with others.


Fervor practices the best-known discretion to never enter conflicts of interest in coaching clients, in communities of practice and in day-to-day life. In instances when anyone connected with Fervor is unsure, we seek guidance from the ICF and coaching community.


Prior to proceeding with a coaching relationship, Fervor requires a mutually agreed upon and signed contract with clear terms of engagement with every client (and sponsor as applicable) to set expectations and garner alignment proactively. With the utmost confidentiality in mind, Fervor maintains such a commitment on behalf of clients both during and after contracts, provided they are not at risk of harming themselves or others.

Clear on the distinction between coaching, mentoring and therapy, Fervor practices in alignment with credentials and competencies in the coaching realm. It will be identified when mentoring or therapy might be more appropriate and offer referrals for support in those spaces. Dedicated to optimal service, relevance and meaning for clients through the coaching practice, Fervor is eternally committed to practicing learning and growth to deepen and advance skills and the overall offering.