Pithy Musings Episode 10: Body image – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So many of us are self-deprecating. It starts young, and into the decades. Many of us focus on an ideal self and it often results in a detrimental comparison to others and images of what we are not, versus accepting ourselves just as we are. Lack of acceptance of self is hurting psychological well-being, relationships and perceived opportunities in the world.

Positive, neutral and negative body confidence is a spectrum influenced by circumstances and influences. The barrage of effects that sometimes hurt us include role models growing up, airbrushed models in magazines and marketing, social media app filters. Body image is also impacted in the pandemic, ageing, and cultural influences.

The volume is going up in two opposing directions – obsession with cosmetic surgery and enhancements, to mixed body shapes, sizes, diverse gender identities in retail clothing ads (latter being a refreshing change, we believe).

What are our roles in being kinder to ourselves and others to stop the hard body image influences and inner conversations that take us down? What will it take to get to a place where we can say “I’m okay as I am”?

Join Caroline Berglund and I for this passionate exploration – Episode 10, created on purpose – to help you put the “funk” back into your own humanity, community, and at work.

A shout out to the great work and wisdom of Kelli Jean Drinkwater, Tracy Tylka and Niva Piran, who are enabling healthier body image progress.

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Stay pithy, keep musing! 

With fervor,