Pithy Musings 18: “Let’s talk about grief at work” Part One with Christine Mack-Granger

Grief, while completely natural, is uncomfortable for us both in experiencing it, and supporting others in it. Many of us don’t know what to say or do. It feels hard all around. At work especially, we tend to avoid it at the times people most need to know they’re not alone. Grief is also something all of us have or will be touched by.

How do we handle grief at work? What do we need to know if experiencing or supporting others in it? Why we do avoid sitting with grief? Are we fundamentally afraid of emotions around grief? How might we create more space for it, from workplace policies to interpersonal relations?

“Emotion is not weakness, it’s about love,” says Pithy Musings’ latest guest Christine Mack-Granger, an experienced volunteer grief facilitator with a major Canadian health authority, a senior HR leader and accredited coach. She continues, “when (people in grief) are acknowledged, they will rise”.

Join us for Pithy Musings Episode 18 on YouTube or Spotify, as Christine debunks grief myths, shares support ideas and resources that can serve us at work, in life overall, and in loss. Join us for this heart-centered and important topic.

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