Pithy Musings 20: “The Power of Ikigai” with David Marlow

Countless leaders and organizations are talking about the notion of purpose, also referred to as Ikigai in Japanese, meaning “reason for being”. Some say that digging into this work can be transformative for individuals, teams and organizations.

Fervor agrees! Declaring purpose and top values has led to incredibly fulfilling work, fabulous relationships with clients, meaningful and valuable contributions. Yet there are risks, rewards, and principles to consider for success.

With immense joy, we are joined by the renowned Ikigai Guy and founder of VLURU LLC, David E. Marlow who shares his own definition of Ikigai, his personal journey with it, and wisdom so many of us can learn from. The best part? David is a downright gracious human being. It’s no wonder he led well in Fortune 500 companies, and with Vluru, has coached and mentored hundreds of people.

If you’re ready to get serious about your own Ikigai as a leader, for your team and/or organization, this episode is for you!

Please join Caroline Berglund, David and I for this special and timely conversation into 2023, episode 20, “The Power of Ikigai” with David Marlow.

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Stay pithy and keep musing, on purpose!

With fervor,