Pithy Musings Episode 11: Cancel Culture – what are we doing to each other?

Canceling people out of professional and social circles is on the rise and accelerating with social media. As we embark on a New Year, let’s ask some important questions.

When does canceling someone out make sense? Or, does it ever make sense? How do we know when is it toxic, divisive and it’s gone too far? How can those with power, use it for good, for progress? What are our individual roles to grow beyond cancel culture?

In Pithy Musings Episode #11, ‘Cancel Culture: What Are We Doing to Each Other’Caroline Berglund and I explore these questions and more with our very welcome guest, Dr. Robin Buckley (she/her). Dr. Buckley is an author, speaker, and cognitive behavioural coach of Insights Group Psychological & Coaching Services. Together we share curiosity and insights, as well as key points from Arianna Huffington, Red Table Talks with the Estafans, and others.

2022 gets even pithier with guests on various real, raw, relevant subject matter that help advance the human condition.

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