Pithy Musings Episode 12: What we don’t understand about trauma and need to.

There are countless assumptions and much confusion about what constitutes trauma. By the time we come to be adults, many of us (more than we may realize) have been impacted by trauma in our lifetimes. Trauma may ensue later in life too. The pandemic is a trauma in and of itself.

With new curiosity about trauma, Pithy Musers Caroline Berglund and Eva Van Krugel, PCC, CPQC, CEC wanted to understand more about it, ways in which it impacts humanity, and where to begin tending to it.

What is it about trauma that joins or separates us? And what can we do to heal ourselves and offer support to others?

Join us for one of the most complex topics explored with expert and trauma-informed counsellor and facilitator, Kirsten Moline (she/her) BSW, RSW for episode 12, “What we don’t understand about trauma and need to”. Kirsten walks through the kinds of trauma that exist, how it shows up in us and offers generous resources for those interested to begin to heal. She also shares ways we can support others who may exhibit signs of trauma.

These episodes are created on purpose, to help the human condition to be a better experience as individuals, and together. So may you stay pithy and keep musing, and subscribe to the Pithy Musings YouTube Channel for future episodes!

Yours, with fervor,