Pithy Musings Episode 13: “Call people in, not out,” a courageous conversation on DEI with Dionn Schaffner

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is on the minds of countless people who experience pain because of attacks, microaggressions and bias, and those who want to contribute to much-needed, positive change.

It’s a complex topic that brings about all sorts of behaviours. Some avoid it, others lean into it with courage and empathy, and others fight it with aggression.

For those exploring, “what’s my role in DEI?”, this Pithy Musings episode is for you. Whether at work, or as a human in your community, we can learn and contribute to moving DEI forward. With countless resources to contribute to a much-needed evolution in DEI, where do we begin?

Join my co-host Caroline Berglund and I for this powerful conversation with deeply knowledgeable and committed leader in DEI, Dionn Schaffner, Chief Diversity Officer of Aurea Software. Dionn brings a dynamic, kind, informed voice to unpacking DEI, what it means, actions that support each dimension. She helps us to understand what it means to “call people out vs in”. She also offers an informed model that can be used by leaders in organizations, as well as each of us as humans in everyday life to live into.

It’s an action-packed episode, well worth investing precious time to learn with.

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Until next time, stay pithy and keep musing!

With love and fervor (of course),