Pithy Musings Episode 15: “Burnout – Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes” with Cher Brasok

In a fatigued world trying to heal from the complexity of the pandemic, trying to find our way for what’s next, there’s suffering. So much of the world is burnt out. There are big costs to humanity, relationships and systems.

Burnout is pervasive in so many cultures and subcultures. It’s at times dismissed, rationalized, and even inspired by perceived reward.

As guest Cher Brasok, Founder of Connect to Your Calm and Wellness Facilitator offers, “we’re conditioned to live in chronic stress”. In Cher’s work, she wants to “challenge the myth that self worth is based on our productivity, and beliefs we have about ourselves that drive our behaviour”, from pleasing to achieving and beyond.

In this personal, candid exploration with Caroline Berglund and Eva Van Krugel of Fervor Leadership Coaching and Consulting, Cher helps us understand the distinction between stress and burnout and some misconceptions and signs of burnout. And if want to do something about it, Cher offers actionable, short- and long-term strategies to mitigate, slow and even prevent burnout as individuals. Some ideas are also shared for organizations to consider.

Ready to slow the burn? Tune into Episode 15 to learn what you can do to manifest change from within.

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