Pithy Musings Episode 17: “Human Interaction is a Vulnerable Activity” with Timothy R. Clark

Stretching comfort zones is how we roll on Pithy Musings. More and more, we’re inviting guests we believe are some of the wisest humans out there.

Caroline Berglund and I just next levelled our courage in Episode 17 in what we refer to as one of the richest, enlightening, and humbling conversations yet with Timothy R. Clark, Ph.D., founder, and CEO of LeaderFactor. Clark is also the author of five books including The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety, and published many times over in the likes of Harvard Business ReviewForbes and Fast Company.

“Humans can smell intent”, shares Clark. What truly drives each of us as leaders? What’s at the underbelly of motivation in our teams and organizations? What constitutes a safe versus unsafe environment? What is the anatomy of culture, truly? We explore these questions and more, anchored in our new ‘Top 5 questions for wise humans’.

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