Pithy Musings Episode 3 is out! Passion Doesn’t Equal Purpose

Why are so many people talking about “purpose” in life and at work these days?

Pithy Musings’ Episode 3 is out, “Passion Doesn’t Equal Purpose”! Join me, Eva Van Krugel of Fervor Leadership Coaching  and Consulting and Caroline Berglund of Talk Talk with your fave cuppa as we dig into this growing and important topic.

Passionate goals and interests are short-lived without clear purpose to anchor them. Purpose impacts sense of belonging, well being, meaning, contribution and more in life and work. In this episode, we share our own purpose statements, others that standout, top related concepts, resources and questions for you to action on!

PLUS, we have another Pithy Musings mug draw for you: clue to win…listen to the full episode!

Put the “funk” back into your own humanity, community, and at work by tuning in here.

Stay pithy, keep musing, with love from Caroline and I!

With fervor, on purpose,

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