Pithy Musings Episode 4: Who Am I Anyways?

What makes me you who you are and why does it matter? Are you what you do, or what others say about you? Or does the answer lie in what you were born into, influences around you, what you grow within and choices you make?

Join me, Eva Van Krugel of Founder of Fervor Leadership Coaching & Consulting and Caroline Berglund, Principal of Talk Talk as we cover the many angles of “who am I?”. We offer that the answer may lie in how you’d like to experience your life, work, and being in the world with intention, uniquely you, and owning it.

From nature vs nurture to Imposter Syndrome to self actualization and everything in between, we muse and share top tips to one of life’s most defining questions.

Want to put the “funk” back into humanity? You don’t want to miss this episode! Watch it here.

With fervor, of course,


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