Pithy Musings Episode 7: Why Feedback Rocks!

What comes to mind when you hear the question, “Can I give you feedback?” You’re likely bracing yourself for impact!

Join us for Pithy Musings episode #7, “Why Feedback Rocks” where Fervor’s friend and pithy partner Caroline Berglund of Talk Talk and I, Eva Van Krugel dispel the myth, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. We discuss the need to speak up in real time, with continuous quality feedback. Feedback isn’t about “brutal” honesty but with the right growth mindset and kind intent both giver and receiver can experience feedback as a gift. We get pithy with our own examples of successes and blunders and what we learned from both.

Hey, these episodes aren’t just about musings! We offer real world techniques, top tips and inspiration for our viewers to implement at home, at work and within community. Need help giving or receiving feedback, perhaps both? This episode is for you!

Pithy Musings is created – on purpose – to help you put the “funk” back into your own humanity, community, and at work.

Episode #7 is here!

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Stay pithy, keep musing, and may you live and lead with fervor!


Photo credit: Adam Jang