Pithy Musings Episode 8: Is the imposter experience a real thing?

Imposters here, there and everywhere! Why do so many of us experience moments of self-doubt through to profound lack of confidence resulting in a constant need for perfection, achievement and external validation?

Imposter Syndrome isn’t an illness, yet it is a pervasive experience that transcends gender identity, and people across the globe experience it. It impacts our sense of belonging, self-worth, relationships and impact in the world. As humans, it hurts us, and sometimes in relationships, in performance at work, and out there in the world we may or may not be aware of.

Join us for Episode 8 of Pithy Musings, “Is the imposter experience a real thing?”. We explore what it is, own experiences with it, and ideas to tame the inner judge, critic, monster, gremlin, you name it. We share ideas from Brené Brown, Dr. Valerie Young, Tara Mohr, Rick Carson, Amy Cuddy, and others.

Insights, stories (sometimes random!), laughter! We’ve thrown it all into this one! Join the conversation on a shared human experience so many relate with, and can progress from.

Pithy Musings is created – on purpose – to help you put the “funk” back into your own humanity, community, and at work.

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Stay pithy, keep musing, and may you live and lead with fervor!