Pithy Musings Launches Episode 1: Everyone Has a Story

Pump up the volume and check out the very first episode of Pithy Musings, a video podcast that’s all about putting the funk back into being human. Join Eva Van Krugel of Fervor Leadership Coaching and Consulting, and Caroline Berglund of Talk Talk as we dig into curious and contrarian musings on real, raw, relevant subject matter impacting being human in life, at work, in the world.

Episode 1: “Everyone Has a Story: understanding stories within ourselves and with others gives context, creates understanding with one another, enables a sense of belonging and creates connection versus separation and divisiveness.” Click here to watch.

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Massive thank you to creative partner Jack Adamson of CrackerJackFlash for amazing work on branding and animation, bringing our idea to life at a whole other level.

Stay pithy, keep musing and may you live and lead with fervor!