Pithy Musings Episode 16: “Being a Force for Change” with Michael Bungay Stanier

Are you a leader and fellow human who wants to be a force for positive change? What a delight to have Michael Bungay Stanier join us for Episode 16, “Being a Force for Change”. Accomplished with books as The Coaching Habit, How to Begin, The Advice Trap and his own podcast, 2 Pages with MBS, […]


Pithy Musings Episode 15: “Burnout – Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes” with Cher Brasok

In a fatigued world trying to heal from the complexity of the pandemic, trying to find our way for what’s next, there’s suffering. So much of the world is burnt out. There are big costs to humanity, relationships and systems. Burnout is pervasive in so many cultures and subcultures. It’s at times dismissed, rationalized, and […]


Top Things to Consider in a Sea of Coaches

  • by Eva Van Krugel
  • Jul 09, 2019
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I was recently walking to meet a couple of colleagues for dinner one sunny, ocean-fresh evening in Victoria, BC. In front of me walking the sidewalk were two people talking about career options. One says, “with your background why not go back to school to become an executive coach?”. The other responds, “why the hell […]