What needs to shift in the future of leadership?

There are more and more who are talking about what constitutes leadership, let alone strong (not perfect) leadership. Now more than ever, people are needing courageous, inspired people leaders with learning mindsets. Give us a pandemic, and our world has put a magnifying glass on a call for more conscious, creative, people-first leadership. I hold […]


Top Things to Consider in a Sea of Coaches

  • by Eva Van Krugel
  • Jul 09, 2019
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I was recently walking to meet a couple of colleagues for dinner one sunny, ocean-fresh evening in Victoria, BC. In front of me walking the sidewalk were two people talking about career options. One says, “with your background why not go back to school to become an executive coach?”. The other responds, “why the hell […]


A Leadership Epidemic and 5 Things You Can Do About It

I am obsessed with advancing healthier systems, teams and individuals in the working world. I’m observing what I believe is an epidemic of many leaders in organizations around the globe who are climbing the ranks as subject matter and technical experts. Some don’t necessarily have the skills to be leading teams, yet they’re plunked into […]