Pithy Musings Episode 14: “My body saved my life” with Casey Berglund

In a world thick with overwhelm, burnout, depression, pain, trauma and war, is it possible to stop coping through addictive habits and shift consciousness through deeper connection to one’s body? According to Casey Berglund, Founder of Worthy and Well, and creator of the Let Your Body Lead TEDx Talk, embodiment practices offer essential pathways to transition […]


Creative Decision-Making and You

  • by Eva Van Krugel
  • Sep 09, 2019
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There are countless ways to achieve effective decision-making out there. We’re all familiar with the legacy pros and cons lists. Another one I’ve used is AXIS from the Collaborative Problem Solving Institute, for Collaborative Ideation practices: Advantages, Extras, Inhibitors, Solutions. Whatever structure is used, it is often brain-driven. This can be purposeful. From a logical […]