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It’s your future. Fervor will help you take charge of it using the global standard methodology of the International Coaching Federation, access to select learning instruments, relevant training offerings and custom facilitation design. Drawing on this diverse and credible toolkit – along with real-world experience leading in organizations undergoing transformation – Fervor will tailor services around what you need most to thrive.

Leadership and Business Coaching

Individual development through new self-awareness, learning and behaviour change to advance in an ever-complex, changing world where leaders are consistently confronting new “firsts”. Lead with heightened confidence, clarity, courage and healthier results.

For business owners at diverse stages, from start-up to scaling, to change and innovation, through to succession. Elevate your leadership and business results with coaching partnership. Here, we address mindsets and behaviors to cultivate new clarity, learning and confidence. We then dig into strategies and actions essential for you and your business to thrive.

For leaders at all levels transitioning into the next level in their careers with greater confidence and success. Whether promoted within or taking on a new role in an organization, step into the new path with foundations for success.

Or, if it’s time to look at diversification or change in career, explore what’s possible through visioning for the future, clarity and action planning to get there. Take the reins and live your most fulfilling path, on purpose.

Team Coaching

Partnership for Team Effectiveness 
Complexity, uncertainty and change are now part of our day-to-day. How are teams navigating it all with clear purpose, priorities, value to the people they serve, let alone positive dynamics?

Identify needs and how to address them using the Effective Teaming in a Complex World© framework, co-designed by Fervor and Borealis, with supporting assessments, tools and resources.

Engagements range from six months to one year, depending on the team’s co-created, desired future. Every team program is customized while integrating key elements of highly effective teams: purpose and values, clarifying the team’s infrastructure, exploring connections with the broader system within and outside of the organization, strategic direction and priorities, and harvesting a culture of learning to navigate change needs.

Let’s start with a conversation to explore what a highly effective team means for your organization.

Assessments and Effectiveness Resources for Leaders and Teams

Based on Enjoyment Theory and Paradox technology, this assessment is one of the most validated, research-based leadership inventories globally. It is designed by Dr. Dan Harrison to accurately measure 175 key behavioural traits that predict success, satisfaction and accelerate individual and team development. Harrison offers many customizable reports such as understanding career strengths and options, top five most important values in a work environment, and what most engages people in their work, including their fulfillment percentages. The Mastery Paradox report is highly informative, identifying which of 12 paradoxes a leader has in and out-of-balance, providing more flexible use of traits to better navigate stress, heighten fulfillment and effectiveness.

Positive Intelligence 7-Week Mental Fitness Training
Want to respond to challenges in life and work with a positive versus negative mindset through Mental Fitness? Address limiting beliefs that get in the way of your well being, fulfillment and success. Learn about the power of your inner operating system, your brilliant brain! Grow your “mental muscles” and create lasting habit change for increased happiness, creativity, performance and longevity. Curious? Check out the no charge PQ assessment to inform your coaching program. Plus, Fervor is now offering a seven-week, virtual Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program with rolling enrollment to suit your schedule. Intact teams, mixed participant groups and individuals are loving the results of this work, often sharing it is “life changing”. Contact Fervor for details! This learning is made possible as a member of the Global PQ Pioneer Group, with thanks to renowned author and neuroscience researcher Shirzad Chamine.

All too often, people hold back from asking questions, sharing ideas or opinions, challenging status quo, and fear making mistakes at work. These are all signs there is a lack of trust and psychological safety at play with significant costs to inclusion, innovation, and performance. When we strengthen our awareness and behaviours for trust-building and psychological safety, we shift interpersonal dynamics in ways that advance belonging and team performance. It becomes safe to be vulnerable, contribute, learn, and challenge one another in meaningful ways. Integrating principles of The Four Stages of Psychological Safety from Dr. Timothy Clark, and insights from Dr. Amy Edmonson’s Fearless Organization concepts, team and group trainings are customized and scalable to enable new understanding and practices, through to long-term and measurable behaviour change.

EQ-i Assessment
Discover and advance your emotional and social competencies so you can strengthen your presence, engagement and results in the workplace and with teams. Individual, leader and group psychometric assessments are available, conducted exclusively by a Certified EQ-i 2.0 Practitioner. EQ-i 2.0 is the world’s only traits-based, scientifically validated measure of emotional intelligence with a clear return on investment available through MHS Assessments.

All too often we judge others differently than ourselves based on where we get our energy, how we make decisions, process information and whether we’re structured or more casual with plans. The TypeCoach system is rooted in understanding our unique personality types based on Meyers Briggs and Jungian psychology. Improve your communication, stress and conflict responses and navigate transformation with new awareness of oneself and others for more positive relationships and outcomes. An advanced yet simple system, TypeCoach can be applied at all levels within an organization. Determining your TypeCoach personality type begins with completing the Verifier assessment. This work informs coaching for individuals and teams, as well as delivery of a practical, engaging, hands-on TypeCoach Influencer Course.

The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) is an assessment resource enabling clarity on conflict behaviours in individuals and teams to move toward healthier paths and outcomes. How do you respond to conflict? What hot buttons spark your behaviours? What destructive behaviours show up? And what constructive alternatives do you have within you to navigate conflict in healthier ways? With new awareness that CDP offers, advance how you manage conflict, so conflict doesn’t manage you, or inhibit effectiveness, impact and belonging for yourself and team. Individual and 360 reports, debriefs and coaching available, as well as team programs.

Need unbiased, diverse, in-depth feedback? Has it been a while since you’ve had performance and development input? A Narrative 360 begins with specific stakeholder interviews to inform individual goals, followed by an in-depth analysis and debriefing. This work increases self-awareness, sheds light on your strengths and opportunities for development, and informs goal-setting and action-planning for your coaching program.

Facilitation and Trainings

Fervor’s strategy facilitation work is known for being purpose-driven, future- and outcome-focused. Fervor’s style is engaging, creative and participative, while appreciating different personality styles. Known for effective design and delivery, some teams and groups have called Fervor’s facilitation a “transformative process”. Get to a clear business strategy that serves in complexity and uncertainty, while bringing your people with you. Work with insights and research within your reach. Immerse in collaborative ideation to tackle new vision, ideas, challenges and opportunities with clear outcomes, with systems and processes to navigate change and innovation along the way.

Fervor’s workshops support enable healthier leadership, teams and cultures. High demand trainings are research informed and include Leading a Courageous Future, Growing Mental Fitness through Positive Intelligence, Strengthening Inclusion and Innovation with Psychological Safety, Adaptive Communication for Effective Teaming, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Trust-building in Teams, Paths to Healthier Conflict at Work, and more! Custom training offerings are also available that tune into learning needs for the future. Fervor trainings are known for being engaging, participative and highly impactful.


Every individual, leader and team are unique in what they need from a partnership. Fervor offers customized packages to best support clients’ goals. Fervor invites a no-charge discovery conversation to learn if what we do is right for you.