Overwhelmed? Relief is Within You.

“I can’t think straight.” “I’m exhausted.” “Little things feel like big things.” “I’m impatient.” “I haven’t eaten all day.” “I’m not doing anything well.” “Sometimes I think I should walk away and open a coffee shop.”

Leaders of all levels I’m working with are sharing moments as these, vibrating in overwhelm at times. No surprise. As a humanity, in systems and in the world, there’s turmoil and light all in one day. It’s hard to balance demands and stressors in our external environments, let alone quiet the noise to hear what our internal beings are asking for.

We hear of mindfulness practices and grounding techniques. They sound good, but often dismissed or forgotten. Some techniques are within reach in the moment, take seconds to minutes and enable us to go from being “offline” (when our animal brains light up in fight, flight, freeze and fawn) to being “online” (centered, focused, clear).

The grounding technique here is an example of how easy it can be. If you need this today, try it, let me know what you notice in yourself. Or, share an example of an alternative technique you love that works for you.

We’re going to encounter bumps in the days. We can offer ourselves relief with ease, access and, significant benefits when we listen to the cues.

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