Pithy Musings Episode 5: We are all creative, curious beings. Or are we?

What does Grandmaster Flash, a piano and children have to do with creativity and curiosity? Tune into Pithy Musings Episode 5 to find out!

Some of us think we’re creative, some don’t. Some think of creativity in traditional ways, while others consider it a top skill for the future. And, others don’t feel they don’t belong when they’re asked about their creativity. Caroline Berglund of Talk Talk and I of Fervor Leadership Coaching and Consulting fundamentally believe we need to examine our limiting beliefs about creativity for a more sustainable future as humans, in industry, community, for the environment, and other living beings.

Episode 5 – “We are all creative, curious beings. Or are we?” is here.

We thank creative contributors: Peter Bagwell, Amie Uitvlugt, Jack Adamson, David E. Marlow, Nuala Gage, Kevin McEachern, Trapper Edison, Jenn Maer, Linda Rogers, Rick Van Krugel, Cydane Morgan, and many more.

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