Pithy Musings Episode 6: Why are we afraid of conflict?

Get ready to rumble with Pithy Musing’s Episode 6, “Why are we afraid of conflict?” hot off the digital airwaves.

Join Fervor’s friend and pithy partner Caroline Berglund of Talk Talk and I, Eva Van Krugel, as we muse on why healthy conflict vs the opposite is important, and possible.

  • We get gritty and share our own experiences with conflict at work, in our personal lives, and even with each other;
  • We offer top tips for self awareness and skilling up in this brave area because we believe making conflict healthier starts with ourselves; and,
  • Inspiration includes Gottman’s Four Horsemen, Lencioni’s Pyramid, Karpman’s Drama Triangle, DiSC, DE&I and more.

Episode 6 is here!

And… We’re now opening Pithy Musings up to guests! Listen to Episode 6 to find out how to join us!

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