Pithy Musings 19: “Let’s talk about grief at work” Part Two with Christine Mack-Granger & Cindy Lan

“Love never dies… we are all here walking each other home.” – Cindy Lang

Relationships associated with loss vary. Whether a person, another living species, or a shift in health or circumstances, how do we navigate grief as individuals? How do we support those we care for as they suffer from loss? And what about handling all of this at work?

We so often stifle our thoughts and feelings when it comes to grief, and that’s precisely why we wanted to do a “Part Two” on “Grief at Work”, because it’s a place we share so much time, space and social interaction. It’s a place where we need more understanding, compassion, and support.

Please join Caroline Berglund and I for Pithy Musings Episode 19 with return guest Christine Mack-Granger, BComm, CPHR, ACC, CEC an experienced grief facilitator, HR leader and accredited coach, who “brings a buddy”! Honoured to have Cindy J. Lang, RSW with us too, a seasoned grief facilitator, Registered Social Worker and Ontological Coach.

They dig into the cycles of grief, normalize how we might experience these and debunk topical myths. The vulnerability is raw and real as they share their own human experiences in grief. They touch on support ideas at the individual level and in helping others.

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Until next time, stay pithy and keep musing!

With fervor,