Pithy Musings Episode 16: “Being a Force for Change” with Michael Bungay Stanier

Are you a leader and fellow human who wants to be a force for positive change?

What a delight to have Michael Bungay Stanier join us for Episode 16, “Being a Force for Change”. Accomplished with books as The Coaching Habit, How to Begin, The Advice Trap and his own podcast, 2 Pages with MBS, this is an enlightening exploration, to say the least!

We start off with some chair dancing (a must), and dig right into our new “Top 5 Questions for Wise Humans”, and more. From sharing favourite podcasters to insights on the future of humanity, lovingly challenging us all on slips as confirmation bias, and tackling the eulogy test question most humbly, Michael is thoughtful, curious, and gracious. We even left with homework!

Join Caroline Berglund and I for this round with Michael Bungay Stanier, author, speaker, founder and philosopher. Grab a cuppa, check out the many perspectives and humility Michael offers us all in this episode.

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Thoughts, feedback? Love it all! Meantime, stay pithy and keep musing!

With a whole lot of fervor,